Three levels. One monthly membership fee. Big discounts on services.

How It Works

Choose your level. Pay your monthly fee. Receive discounted treatments.
Cover the cost of treatments from what you’ve paid into the membership.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold

MONTHLY: $99 / SETUP: $95

6-month contract required. No refunds.

Platinum Image

Noble Platinum

MONTHLY: $159 / SETUP: $95

6-month contract required. No refunds.

Diamond Image

Noble Diamond

MONTHLY: $199 / SETUP: $95

6-month contract required. No refunds.

Membership FAQs

Your membership fee covers the cost of services and locks in discounted treatment rates. Each month you pay your fee and it is held in a special account for you. When you come in for treatment, anything you’ve paid into your account is applied to your bill.

We will apply whatever is in your account toward the cost of treatments. If your bill exceeds the amount in your account then you will cover the remaining balance. For example, if you have $300 in your account, but your treatment costs $350, you would pay $50 at the time of service.

We ask that you keep your membership for at least 6 months. Since you pay on a month-to-month basis, after your 6 months is up you can continue for as long as you want!

The setup fee is a one-time cost that is paid when you first start your membership. It does not go into your account, and is instead used to cover the administrative costs of setting your membership.

Memberships are perfect for people who come in frequently for services, want to receive a discount on expensive treatments, or want a make-shift payment plan to cover the cost of treatments over time.

“Loving your skin isn't vanity; it's sanity.”

Andre gide

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